Spring coats, lightweight parka jackets, and summer trench coats for women: Let's go outdoors!

Sporty, casual, and confident: spring coats and summer parka jackets by OSKA are made for outdoor adventures. They embody our idea of outdoor fashion that can be worn anywhere - fascinating because it’s different.


Our summer trench coats are more than just functional: they're essentials for a minimalist wardrobe. Summer jackets, lightweight trench coats for spring, parkas, and more offer loosely cut, sophisticated A-lines and oversized fits for new silhouettes. They are timelessly beautiful and made of high-quality natural materials. Plus they can be combined in so many ways, not just for one summer. Our clothes stand for slow fashion. Discover our jackets, coats, and parkas from the current spring/summer collection. Experience casual elegance - with OSKA.

Summer coats and spring parka jackets by OSKA: Relaxed. Elegant. Essential.

How to combine the functional with the beautiful? How can we design essential fashion that’s timeless and modern at the same time? We’ve got you covered: OSKA creates spring parkas and summer coats that are unique. We design fashion that appeals, that inspires with new shapes and that surprises with sophisticated details. Technical shell fabric made from a cotton blend is not only water-repellent and robust. It also looks light and relaxed, it’s elegant and can be worn with anything. That's how a practical water-repellent outdoor jacket becomes an essential for the confident woman's wardrobe. Stitched seams and cleverly inserted pockets always create fresh, feminine silhouettes. Natural, subtle colors and a casual, crinkly look frame stand-out ensembles that are full of surprises, especially at second glance. Find light cotton coats and parkas, linen trench coats, and jackets for your spring and summer. Go outside and feel the sunshine with OSKA.

Cotton and linen coats, summer parka, spring lightweight trench coat for outdoors

Outdoor fashion can offer so much more than wind and weather protection. At OSKA we believe that outdoor fashion can also be exciting and appealing. That it can be as sustainable as it is modern, as urban as it is natural, as casual as it is fashionable. That's why we focus on contemporary forms for our oversized long coats, summer jackets or lightweight spring coats. We create feminine fashion for natural silhouettes and loose fit trench coats for more comfort and sustainability - whether it’s overcut shoulders, oversized fits, boldly placed details like pockets or buttons and so much more.

What about combining a knee-length summer parka-style coat with linen pants? This creates a strong, confident look that works perfectly for any occasion. Fine color nuances and a sophisticated layered look with a shirt and sweater offer almost unlimited possibilities for constantly evolving outfits. Or maybe you’re missing a denim-style cotton coat in your wardrobe? You can combine it classically with casual jeans - or over a linen blouse with an oversized fit with cotton pants and cool sneakers.

Be yourself and find your perfect spring or summer trench coat at OSKA.

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