Oversized cardigans made of wool and alpaca for more sustainable knitwear

Knitwear from OSKA is more. More warmth, more comfort, more sustainability. Made for every situation and every personality.


Slow fashion is what we demand of clothing. That's why we produce fashion that lasts. Our vision is to create favorite pieces that are made with love and have a permanent place in your wardrobe. That's why knitwear by OSKA is different. Our slightly oversized cardigans are your timeless companions, with considered detailing that often only reveals itself on second glance. Our knitwear is casual, fascinating, versatile and minimalistic. For anywhere and anytime.

High quality merino wool cardigans and more in all forms and styles

We at OSKA love knitwear. That’s why we only use high-quality, durable materials. Cotton bouclé cardigans are warm and soft on the skin. And the same goes for women’s cardigans made from an organic cotton blend. Our casual and long cardigans are made from an alpaca-mohair blend and women's cardigans made from virgin wool embrace and delicately flatter your silhouette. Natural cardigans made of merino wool, directly sourced from Italy, are all-round game-changers that keep you warm on cold days. Always natural. Always soft. The color palette of our knitted garments ranges from calm, subtle colors to bright, self-confident accents.

Colorful and casual: Relaxed cardigans and sustainable knitwear by OSKA

Why not put together an outfit with knitwear only? A delicate, finely woven cardigan can be combined with thicker knitwear. This is how you create contrasts. You can also use knitwear for a unified, flowy look. Our velvety soft, alpaca-cotton women's cardigan, for example, goes well with smooth sweaters made from merino wool. Layered looks come in handy in the cold season and work extremely well with knitwear. A short waistcoat is also perfect for layered looks and allows for an exciting interplay of feminine and masculine elements. Loose sweater dresses made of merino wool under a women's cardigan with a loose, oversized fit, on the other hand, provocatively play with shapes.

Long, slightly oversized cardigans, waistcoats and ponchos are also captivating when combined with casual blouses or loose dresses. Of course, knitted accessories also go well with wool cardigans for women.

Discover garments that outlast trends and expand horizons. Bring relaxed elegance and confidence into your wardrobe. Opt for slow fashion and longevity. Discover sustainable knitwear by OSKA.

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